What is DAB+ Digital Radio?

A better & more unified way for you to listen to radio. DAB+ Digital radio brings you much choice including stations dedicated to classical, rock, spoken word entertainment, latest chart hits, Sport, classic rock/pop.

Crisp Digital Sound Quality

No more hiss and crackle, DAB+ Digital Radio brings you much less interference and an incredible sound quality upgrade for AM stations.

Easy & Improved Tuning

There is no need to remember frequency numbers. A DAB+ Digital Radio displays the stations by name. You can search quickly & change between your favorites with the touch of a button.

Amazing Listening Choice

You can Listen to national commercial stations, BBC national stations and lots of local stations. Some of them are AM/FM favorites; others will be new to your radio.

Where can I listen?

Just about anywhere in the UK. National DAB+ Digital Radio networks already cover most major towns and hundreds of miles of motorways and major roads. Check your postcode below.

How can I listen?

DAB+ Digital Radio requires you to upgrade your current AM/FM radio system. You can only listen to DAB+ Digital Radio by using the right equipment. That means you will need to buy a JustDRIVE DAB+ Digital Radio Kit that's able to decode the DAB+ Digital Radio signals in your car or van.