• Audi car digital radio using JustDRIVE-USB
  • Integrated VW Golf car digital made possible with JustDRIVE-USB
  • JustDRIVE-USB Digtal radio integrated into BMW 3 Series
  • JustDRIVE-USB adding DAB to a Mercedes ML AM/FM Factory Radio
  • Toyota Prius with JustDRIVE-USB & Steering Wheel Adaptor fitted to factory radio
  • JustDRIVE-USB Digital radio kit integrates into Mercedes factory cluster display
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JustDRIVE USB is a small hideaway box that receives digital radio, it has been designed for in-car use. We fit it behind your dashboard, out of site. It connects into your car via its USB socket, we install a USB link wire between the hideaway box and your USB socket, we ensure the cable is hidden away so you don’t see it.

Once fitting is complete your existing MW/FM car radio will be able to pick up all of the available digital radio stations around you. You will hear the audio in all of your car speakers, and you will see the digital radio station names in your cars existing radio/CD display screen.

You will be able to control the JustDRIVE USB DAB kit by using your cars existing steering wheel buttons and radio/media controls. The whole experience will leave you feeling like you had digital radio in your car radio from the factory.

JustDRIVE does not take your USB socket over permanently, you can unplug the JustDRIVE USB lead whenever you want to use the USB socket in your car to play other media or audio from another USB device.

We can plug-in our Bluetooth music adaptor when we fit for you, meaning you can then connect any Bluetooth device to JustDRIVE and play its music/audio through all of your car speakers, just remember to add the adaptor when you checkout!

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with cars that have a USB socket
  • USB connection means you get great sound quality
  • Reassuringly safe in its connection to your car
  • Factory fitted look and feel
  • Quickly scroll through the list of available stations and select what you want
  • DAB and DAB+ compatible
  • Digital radio station names displayed in your cars factory radio screen
  • JustFITTED UK nationwide installation service Fitting at your address is included in the price you pay, we come to you!
  • Discreet glass mount amplified DAB antenna included in the price. It is amplified for extra signal power. We guarantee its performance
  • Bluetooth music available with JustDRIVE-USB as an optional accessory

Vehicle compatibility - JustDRIVE USB fits cars or other vehicles that have a USB socket

Our service to you - This is what’s included!


Buy our JustDRIVE-USB DAB Digital car radio adaptor right here on our website - No hidden costs.


Our installation team will contact you to arrange the install (at your home or place of work).


Our JustFITTED engineer will come to your chosen install location at the agreed time & fit your new JustDRIVE-USB kit.


You can now enjoy many miles of driving listening to DAB Digital Radio with your new JustDRIVE Digital Radio.

Station names & Information Text Displayed

JustDRIVE USB will display not only the name of the digital radio stations in your cars existing factory screen, but it can in some cars also show you any information text that the digital radio station broadcasts such as now playing song/artist details, and news or other information

Very easy To Use

All you need to do when you want to listen to digital radio is select USB on your cars media system using the factory fitted steering wheel buttons and radio/media controls. You don’t have to learn how to use anything new!

“This is a brilliant bit of kit - It's very neat”

image of available DAB+ Digital Radio stations that JustDRIVE-USB in-car radio kit could get

Hassle-free Installation

Our price includes the professional installation for you at your address, we will come to you.

We cover the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland. Our team of fitters are fully qualified. We guarantee all of our work.

Our installation appointments are completed Monday to Saturday

Easy Tuning

Easy tuning! No more tricky station frequency numbers to worry about, Digital radio tuning is by the actual station names as supposed to frequency numbers.

DAB Digital Radio Fact

A fully integrated digital radio solution for your car - JustDRIVE-USB!

JustDRIVE USB is a really smart way to connect your car to digital radio for 2 main reasons. Firstly it gives you a fully integrated user experience that feels like it was built into your car by the manufacturer.

Most importantly it connects to your car safely, through the media port the car maker gave to you, as supposed to needing to create new risky connections into your car!

USB Link

Our discreet USB link wire can be removed when the DAB kit is not in use, freeing the USB socket in your car for any other media you want to play through it.

200 stations

Get more radio stations in your car. There are over 200 digital radio stations broadcasting in the UK now!

Digital Radio Fact

Discreet Antenna & No Clutter

You will require a DAB antenna for JustDRIVE USB to work. We supply this with the kit, it is included in the price. Our antenna is amplified for better signal strength. It is small, neat and once fitted is hardly noticeable.

We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our antennas performance.

* The total number of stations you will be able to receive will depend on your DAB Digital radio coverage in your area. Click here to search for Digital Radio stations in your area

Product Specification

USB Cable

  • Standard USB connection
  • Length is 3 Metres

Control Box

  • Dimensions: 110mm x 85mm x 23mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Input Connectors:
    • USB output
    • SMB antenna input
    • 2 Way MOLEX connection for Antenna Power

Power Supply

  • USB connection provides power

Radio broadcasting System

  • DAB and DAB+ Compliant
  • Transmission standard ETSI EN 300 401 DAB compliant
  • Audio decoder Audio: MPEG Audio Layer II, AAC


  • Active antenna
  • Supplied is a glass mount active antenna
  • SMB Connectivity
  • Frequency range VHF Band3 (170-230 MHz)
  • RF input impedance 75 Ohm
Image of the screen showing dimensions of the JustDAB Motion productIllustration of how JustDRIVE-USB is integrated into your vehicle.

Warranty Information

Our products carry a one year manufacturers parts and labour guarantee. If your JustDRIVE kit proves to be faulty, contact us by email – support@justconnectme.co.uk - & we can make arrangements for your product to be tested and repaired/replaced as appropriate.

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Product Reviews

  1. Efficient, Professional Fitting Service - Product not Perfect 4 Star Review

    Posted by Rob Allison on 10th Nov 2016

    Exceptionally good job done in handling order, booking fitter and fitting the product - top class professional people.
    The product itself isn't quite as seamless as I'd hoped in providing a top quality DAB facility. The main frustration is the need to re-tune when starting up, when switching channels or when signal goes down (as it seems to do quite regularly on shorter journeys). The irritating, condescending woman's voice drawling 'please wait' can get irksome, occurring as it does about 5 seconds after switching on and again approximately every minute until signal is found (generally about 70 seconds each time). However, it does provide me with DAB, which I'd be lost without, and when signal is retained for long periods (as it tends to be when covering longer distances) the radio is of good quality. 10 out of 10 for Just Connect; 6 out of 10 for product efficiency.

  2. Highly recommended.... 5 Star Review

    Posted by Neil Boxell on 5th Nov 2015

    Had this fitted into Bmw 320 with I-drive approx 3 months ago. Totally hidden and discreet. Works with all existing steering wheel controls. Fitter was quick and helpful. Reception fantastic only the occasional loss of signal due to regional location however usually only for a secon or two. Can now listen to LBC and Absolute 80's all the time. Don't hesitate it's well worth the money. Thank you.