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Demand for in-car DAB radio is top priority for UK drivers

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A recent survey by What Car and Autocar, two of the UK’s top vehicle news and advice publications, found that DAB radio is one of the most important priorities for British drivers. The car buying website asked more than 1,200 people that were interested in cars and technology which technologies were the most vital to them when driving.

Technologically savvy drivers choose DAB

Owning a DAB radio car kit was one of the top-ranking technologies, with people stating it as being almost as important as assisted parking and the ability to connect their smartphones to their cars. The survey was conducted in order to identify technology habits of drivers. What Car? Has conducted similar surveys in the past and has found installing a DAB radio car kit to be of considerable importance for several years running. In 2012, What Car also named the DAB radio car kit to be the UK’s top in-car gadget – with 44% of survey respondents citing in-car digital radio as their first preference when buying a new car.

Growth of the digital radio era

The DAB radio car kit continues to soar in popularity, particularly as an increasing number of radio stations switch to digital and a growing number of new stations choose digital as their initial launch platform. In the past month alone, major new DAB stations have been announced by Radio Today in places like Manchester, Liverpool, Wales and Cirencester. And in May this year, six new stations took to the air in Portsmouth alone. This news is certainly fueling the growing desire for car owners to purchase and install a DAB radio car kit.

Ministerial support

The Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey, also recently voiced his support for the flourishing digital radio industry. Speaking at a radio event in Leicester, he highlighted that almost 100 new DAB commercial radio stations had launched last year alone. The rise of the digital radio industry is expected to continue and, with the steady flow of support for new DAB channels, it is expected that sales of the DAB radio car kit will continue to soar.

Transforming your AM/FM into DAB Radio

For those of you who aren't ready to take the step of installing a brand new DAB radio into your car, nor do you want to buy a new car! There is a solution for you. Just Connects DAB radio conversion kit allows you to convert your existing AM/FM radio system into an up to date DAB Radio. You will also get this fitted for free when you purchase this system anywhere in the UK.

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