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Digital Radio Listening On The Up

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UK Digital Radio listening reaches new record share of 48.8%

Good News

The Q3 2017 RAJAR data released last month was really exciting news for the Digital Radio industry. Digital listening is now nearing 50% in the UK and this has largely been due to DAB growth and performance from radio stations such as BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 4 Extra, Radio X, Virgin Radio, Mellow Magic and Kisstory, to name but a few.

The Stats

For the first time in the history of Digital Radio, in-car digital listening has exceeded its previous benchmark of 30% and reached a new record share of 30.9%, totalling 15.7 million hours. In-car digital listening has contributed to 40.6% of the hourly growth of all digital listening.

Total digital listening hours grew by 8% compared to last year and over-the-air DAB listening grew by 12%, that is a massive 40.4 million hours! DAB digital listening is at a record level of 36% of all radio listening and a huge 74% of all digital listening.

61.6% of the UK population now own a DAB radio at home.

Listening to digital TV has seen a marginal decline (-0.4%) and there was a slight growth in listening via online and Apps (0.7%). Digital listening online via apps now accounts for 8% of all radio listening and 16% of digital listening, while digital television accounts for 5% of radio listening and for 10% of digital listening.

And finally, over 50% of 10-64 year olds have gone digital!! What is even more impressive is this percentage is consistent over all 5 younger age groups, all now having a digital share of over 50% (10-14s; 15-24s; 25-34s; 35-44s; 45- 54s year olds). That’s pretty impressive. “If you love radio, go digital”.

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