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Digital Radio Listening On The Up

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UK Digital Radio listening reaches new record share of 48.8%

Good News

The Q3 2017 RAJAR data released last month was really exciting news for the Digital Radio industry. Digital listening is now nearing 50% in the UK and this has largely been due to DAB growth and performance from radio stations such as BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 4 Extra, Radio X, Virgin Radio, Mellow Magic and Kisstory, to name but a few.

The Stats

For the first time in the history of Digital Radio, in-car digital listening has exceeded its previous benchmark of 30% and reached a new record share of 30.9%, totalling 15.7 million hours. In-car digital listening has contributed to 40.6% of the hourly growth of all digital listening.

Total digital listening hours grew by 8% compared to last year and over-the-air DAB listening grew by 12%, that is a massive 40.4 million hours! DAB digital listening is at a record level of 36% of all radio listening and a huge 74% of all digital listening.

61.6% of the UK population now own a DAB radio at home.

Listening to digital TV has seen a marginal decline (-0.4%) and there was a slight growth in listening via online and Apps (0.7%). Digital listening online via apps now accounts for 8% of all radio listening and 16% of digital listening, while digital television accounts for 5% of radio listening and for 10% of digital listening.

And finally, over 50% of 10-64 year olds have gone digital!! What is even more impressive is this percentage is consistent over all 5 younger age groups, all now having a digital share of over 50% (10-14s; 15-24s; 25-34s; 35-44s; 45- 54s year olds). That’s pretty impressive. “If you love radio, go digital”.

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6 new stations take to the air in Portsmouth

Small scale DAB trials underway as 6 new stations take to the air in Portsmouth Digital Radio UK today welcomed the launch of Ofcom’s small scale DAB trial in the city of Portsmouth and looks forward to the roll out of the remaining eight trials in cities across the UK in the coming weeks. The Portsmouth services [...]

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Absolute 80's is Britain's only all 80's station

Absolute 80's offers a real nostalgia trip, encompassing music from artists such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, Prince, ABC, Depeche Mode, Blondie and Bon Jovi, with a smattering of hits from Madonna, Michael Jackson and Culture Club. Absolute 80's is a National Station and you will be able to pick it up just [...]

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​UK Digital Radio market 1ST!

No you're not seeing double!We really have 2 tick mark awards now!Not only is our JustDRIVE product Digital Radio UK Tick Mark approved, but our UK wide installation service is now Tick Mark approved as well.We put our team of installers through Digital Radio UK's exam and practical test, and they all passed with flying [...]

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We are Digital Radio Tick Mark Approved/Certified

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£6 million investment for 4 new DAB multiplexes

Arqiva invest £6 million to launch 4 new local multiplexes - Will bring digital radio to over 1.5 million listeners in the heart of England.

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BBC 6 Music hits almost 1.9m digital listeners

Digital radio listening is now one third of all listening, with over 25 million people now tuning in to a digital signal, up 2.1 million year on year. 42% of the population now has a digital radio set, up from 40.3% in Q4 2011. This equates to 22 million adults now having a digital radio, up [...]

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