• The slim and elegant wireless remote control
  • BMW AM/FM Factory Fitted radio upgraded to recieve Digital Radio using JustDRIVE
  • JustDRIVE in action on an Original Equipment Ford radio playing TalkSPORT Digital Radio station
  • Fiat 500 Factory Fitted AM/FM Radio upgraded to DAB with JustDRIVE
  • Porsche Boxster factory radio fitted with JustDRIVE & Steering Wheel Adaptor
  • JustDRIVE adding DAB to a Mercedes ML AM/FM Factory Radio
  • Toyota Prius with JustDRIVE & Steering Wheel Adaptor fitted to factory radio
  • JustDRIVE Digital Radio connected directly into an Original Factory Fitted BMW Professional car radio
  • Upgrade ANY Original Equipment AM/FM car radio to receive Digital Radio using JustDRIVE
  • JustDRIVE 'Add-On' DAB Kit integrates DAB text into factory cluster display
  • Skoda radio now tuned to receive Digital Radio with JustDRIVE
  • Peugeot Factory Fitted AM/FM radio receIving Digital Radio using JustDRIVE
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Fitting appointments are completed anywhere nationwide, within 7 days (between 9am & 5pm Monday to Friday).
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Enjoy DAB Digital Radio on the move in your car by adding it into your vehicles existing AM/FM car radio, with our JustDRIVE 'Digital Radio Add-On' Car Kit - It's the best way to receive Digital Radio in your car, as you also get to keep all those AM/FM stations too. JustDRIVE gets you many more radio stations in your car, with over 200 Digital Radio stations to choose from*.

When you purchase a JustDRIVE 'Digital Radio Add-On' Car Kit, the price includes the professional installation into any vehicle, nationwide anywhere in the UK.

Enjoy DAB Digital Radio on the move in your car by converting your vehicles AM/FM car radio to DAB Digital Radio with our JustDRIVE DAB+ conversion kit - It's the best way to convert your car to Digital Radio. Get more radio stations in your car, with over 200 Digital Radio stations to choose from*.

JustDRIVE can add Digital Radio onto any FM/AM van, taxi or car radio. The Digital Radio station name appears on your existing car radio screen and the best thing is, you don’t have to replace your existing factory fitted radio system.

As well as bringing great Digital Radio to your car, you will also be able to enjoy your music through all your car speakers with great sound quality. You can plug in iPhones, Android phones, or SMART phones, iPods or MP3 music players. Whatever you keep your music on, you can connect it to JustDRIVE using its built in AUX IN connector.

Features & Benefits

  • Cleverly adds Digital Radio into any Original Factory Fitted or Aftermarket AM/FM car radio system, so it can receive Digital Radio as well as traditional AM/FM frequencies.
  • Access many Digital only radio stations & retain FULL use of your existing FM/AM Radio.
  • Full direct audio connection to your vehicle, giving you great sound quality and a totally discreet & original equipment look & feel once installed.
  • Digital Radio station names are displayed directly onto your existing car radio screen.
  • Stylish wireless remote control, nothing stuck onto your vehicles dashboard - we know how much you love your dashboard clutter free.
  • Store 12 favourite Digital Radio stations in the presets for quick access.
  • JustDRIVE in-car DAB radio is clever, simple and very easy to use product.
  • A high performance and discreet amplified glass mount antenna which is easily hidden out of sight.
  • JustFITTED UK nationwide installation service is all included in our retail price.
  • Connect & stream music from your portable music device or phone into your car speakers using JustDRIVE's AUX IN connector.
  • JustDRIVE is compatible with our Steering Wheel Control Interface. This means you can control & operate everything through your car radio & factory steering wheel buttons.

Vehicle Compatibility - JustDRIVE FITS ANY CAR!

Our JustDRIVE 'add-on' DAB car radio kit is a universal Digital Radio adaptor that adds DAB to your existing AM/FM car radio. JustDRIVE is compatible with & can be fitted into any car, whatever you drive.

Our Service To You - This is what's included in our price :)


Buy our JustDRIVE DAB Digital car radio adaptor right here on our website - No hidden costs.


Our installation team will contact you to arrange the install (at your home or place of work).


Our JustFITTED engineer will come to your chosen install location at the agreed time & fit your new JustDRIVE.


You can now enjoy many miles of driving listening to DAB Digital Radio with your new JustDRIVE Digital Radio.

Station Information Displayed

JustDRIVE continually displays the DAB Digital Radio station name you’re listening to on your existing car radio, just like your FM/AM station names are already displayed. So you'll always know what you’re listening to. You can store your 12 best DAB Digital stations in memory for quick & convenient access.

Easy To Use In-Car DAB Radio

JustDRIVE DAB Digital car radio adaptor works by station names, not number frequencies. Don’t worry about trying to remember all those frequencies, simply scroll through the stations alphabetically until you find the name of the station you want.

“This is a brilliant bit of kit - It is very neat”

Collage image of available DAB/Digital Radio stations JustDRIVE in-car universal kit could get

Hassle-free Installation

Relax, we take care of every aspect of your JustDRIVE installation. Our installations team will contact you, within 24 hours of placing your order with us, and they will arrange for one of our JustFITTED qualified engineers to visit you. We can install your new JustDRIVE DAB Digital Radio kit, Monday to Friday at a location of your choice, maybe the office or maybe at home, whatever is most convenient for you.

An Elegant Way to add Digital Radio into any AM/FM Car Radio

Our remote control means that no wired controllers need to be mounted on your dashboard, keeping it clutter-free. Alternatively we can install our Steering Wheel Control Interface, so that you can control everything through your factory radio & steering wheel buttons. *Please check your vehicles compatibility for steering control, with us, before purchase.

The best part of our solution is that we don’t need to stick any extra display screens into your vehicle either; everything you need to see is integrated into your existing display on your vehicle radio system, we like to keep your car looking as it did before you had JustDRIVE installed.

Steering Wheel Control

The JustDRIVE Steering Wheel Control InterfaceSteering Wheel Control Interface allows you to use your vehicles factory steering wheel controls to operate your new JustDRIVE 'Digital Radio Add-On' Car Kit. *Please check your vehicles compatibility, with us, before purchase.

Separate Wireless Remote

Our neat remote control is designed to make JustDRIVE nice & easy for you to use, giving you quick access to all the key features of the kit, & any DAB Digital Radio station presets you have stored in memory.

Sound Quality - No Interference

Because of the way DAB Digital Radio broadcasting works, you will no longer get the hiss and crackle of poor FM and AM stations.

DAB Digital Radio Fact

200 stations

You can easily tune in & catch that important match on the way home from work, or with over 200 stations to choose from you could just enjoy some of your favourite music.

Digital Radio Fact

Discreet Antenna & No Clutter

Our JustDRIVE antenna is very discreet & has many mounting options so that it can be hidden away out of sight.

We know how important your car interior can be to you. So, we have designed JustDRIVE to integrate into your existing radio screen - no need for other screens to be stuck to your dashboard.

Photo of the JustDRIVE glass mount antenna discreetly installed onto the windscreen
* The total number of stations you will be able to receive will depend on your DAB Digital radio coverage in your area. Click here to search for Digital Radio stations in your area

Product Specification

Wireless Remote Control

  • Small discreet easy to use hand held remote (credit card size)
  • Dimension: 55mm x 90mm x 7mm
  • Weight: 90g

Control Box

  • Dimensions: 110mm x 85mm x 23mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Input Connectors:
    • 4 pin power input harness
    • SMA antenna input
    • IR remote input
    • FM ISO antenna input
    • FM DIN antenna Output

Power Supply

  • 3 wire connection
  • 12/24Volt switched ignition
  • 12/24Volt Battery power
  • Common Ground

Radio broadcasting System

  • DAB and DAB+ Compliant
  • Transmission standard ETSI EN 300 401 DAB compliant
  • Audio decoder Audio: MPEG Audio Layer II, AAC


  • Passive or active antenna will be compatible
  • Supplied is a glass mount active antenna
  • SMA active (5Volt)
  • Frequency range VHF Band3 (170-230 MHz)
  • RF input impedance 75 Ohm
Image of the screen showing dimensions of the JustDAB Motion productIllustration of how JustDRIVE is integrated into your vehicle.

JustDRIVE Steering Wheel Control Interface

The JustDRIVE Steering Wheel Control Interface allows you to use your vehicles factory steering wheel audio controls to operate your new JustDRIVE DAB conversion kit.

There is no additional visible part to install, everything is installed out of sight for you; the JustDRIVE Steering Wheel Control Interface utilises the existing car’s steering wheel control buttons so they will be used both for the car receiver and JustDRIVE kit.

Large compatibility

The JustDRIVE Steering Wheel Control Interface operates with all kinds of steering wheel controls & is currently compatible with most vehicles. However please check compatibility with us prior to your purchase.


  • Totally control your new JustDRIVE kit through your factory steering wheel controls
  • Also enables control through your factory radio buttons or touch panel display
  • Delivers a complete original equipment experience to JustDRIVE
  • Fully invisible in car DAB solution.

Product Videos

JustDRIVE Universal DAB Car Kit Demo in a Mercedes ()
  • JustDRIVE Univ...

Warranty Information

Our products carry a one year manufacturers parts and labour guarantee. If your JustDRIVE kit proves to be faulty, contact us by email – support@thejustbrand.co.uk - & we can make arrangements for your product to be tested and repaired/replaced as appropriate.

Other Details

Our professional installation service, JustFITTED, is included in the retail price with this product. Our engineer will come out to you at your home or place of work.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Good Product

    Posted by Nick Weaver on 29th Mar 2014

    The product does the trick I can now listen to Radio 4 extra. Sometimes loses signal and the mounting of the aerial on the windscreen is a little too prominent. The use of the handset is a little clumsy. However still glad I purchased and the best on the market.

  2. Quality product - excellent service

    Posted by Robert on 27th Mar 2014

    As my Lexus cannot be fitted with an upgrade, I searched for a company that could fit a DAB radio device into my car which was compatible with my touch screen premium audio system. I am pleased I chose Just Connect (Just Drive). The person who fitted the product (Peter) did a fantastic job. There are no wires showing, the aerial is discreetly located on the back windscreen (so if the front windscreen needs replacing the aerial won't need to be refitted) and everything works exactly as the company said it would. This company is very professional and I would definitely recommend them.

  3. Smooth start to finish.

    Posted by Austen on 23rd Mar 2014

    This was such an easy process from ordering to fitting. Professional and friendly all the way through. Highly recommended.

  4. Own a Mercedes with Command system? Want DAB Radio? Upgrade it with a JustDRIVE add on Digital Radio car kit

    Posted by CH Herts on 15th Mar 2014

    If you own a Mercedes with a Command system you can't simply swap it for a new head unit with DAB radio. This upgrade works a treat! I now have my favourite DAB stations, plus iPod/MP3 connection, on my car radio - no wires or carbuncles on display! The quality of the sound is great thanks to the powered amplified aerial and fitting was carried out without fuss on my driveway. Delighted with the results!

  5. Excellent All Round

    Posted by Gary on 20th Feb 2014

    From the initial phone call to get my car details until it was fitted i cannot fault anything.
    Excellent customer service.
    Product itself is very easy to use with clear instructions from the engineer (and manual)
    Overall if you are thinking of having it fitted i'd say do it (i was thinking about it for a year!!!)

  6. Best ever

    Posted by Chugers on 13th Feb 2014

    I fancied a Dab radio in my A3 Audi and JustDrive were the best (why they don't put them in as standard ) ordered it arranged a fitting at home the radio arrived the day before the fitter put it in within 10mins very helpful and polite. I do find my driving has slowed down as I'm now listening to the radio and not as a background noise. Excellent all round

  7. 60s joy

    Posted by Orbz on 13th Feb 2014

    Fitter was great and left no trace of installation.
    It took a while for the dab to lock onto my fav station absouloute 60s, but it's nice to listen to, although due to where I live in suburbia the station drops out occasionally.
    I would really recommend this fitted option compared to the portable unit, which was not that good at all.

  8. Painless DAB radio

    Posted by Nigel Langley on 10th Feb 2014

    The installation was done at the time agreed. There is, apart from the aerial no sign of what was done. The explanation as to how it worked was simple and straightforward . To date no problems at all am loving planet rock on my journey to work. Would recommend it to anyone considering having DAB in your car

  9. Fuss free DAB

    Posted by Peter Mills on 6th Feb 2014

    Having spent many weeks deliberating over the various choices of retro fit DAB car systems I decided to order from Just Connect. Initial contact was through the email advice service. The responses received were considered and comprehensive.
    I placed my order via the web service as was contacted within 48 hours to arrange installation. I was called by the Technical Director, Peter Oughton, who was honest enough to inform me that as they had recently had a problem with a BMW installation he was going to fit my order himself in order to ensure there were no issues.
    The unit itself is very discreet with the windscreen mounted aerial barely noticeable. I opted for the steering wheel control interface as an extra and this has proven to be money well spent.
    Connection to the car's audio system is via the centre console USB point, not like most systems by tuning in to a spare FM frequency. Reception (M.27, A.34, M.1, M.5, M.40) thus far has been excellent and the range of available stations plenty.

    There is a slight delay when retuning from station to station but this is worth it for access to DAB. The system works perfectly with both the iDrive and steering wheel controls.

    One regret, I wished I'd specified the AUX-IN lead as the USB socket was used for my iPod connectivity.

    Otherwise I would recommend without hesitation.

    ps Fitting was perfect with no trace of disturbed panels or rattles after fixing.

  10. Brilliant technical support

    Posted by Adam Crabtree on 5th Feb 2014

    I had some technical queries once the product had been installed. The response was very helpful and comprehensive. Once everything was to my satisfaction, guess what? I suddenly decided to change car! The de-install, re-install process was excellent and good value for money. The mounting of the antenna in the rear quarter light was a bonus.

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