Digital Radio for your Car

JustDRIVE streams Digital Radio into your existing van, taxi, or car radio system; in fact JustDRIVE adds Digital Radio onto of ANY AM/FM car radio system. This enables you to listen to the hundreds of Digital Radio stations currently available in crystal clear sound.

Now you can have more radio stations when you are driving about.

Sleek & Elegant DAB Solution

JustDRIVE is an integrated car kit that adds Digital Radio onto your existing AM/FM car radio ring. Connecting to your vehicle through its factory audio inputs it results in a very discreet installation. We use your existing car radio display for station text & information. With our steering wheel control interface, or our wireless remote control you can access the world of Digital Radio, tuning into the hundreds of stations currently available; alongside all of your FM/AM car radio stations.

Hassle Free Installation Service

Our retail price includes the full professional installation of your JustDRIVE Digital Radio Kit; no matter what vehicle you drive. Our National Control Centre will call you & make the arrangements to have a JustFITTED eengineer visit you, to install your new JustDRIVE DAB+ Digital Radio Car Kit, at a location & time of your choice anywhere in the UK, we come to you.